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The government of Switzerland has decided on December 11th to close all restaurants and bars at 19.00 CET, except in locations, where the Covid-19 infection rates are low. Whilst in restaurants the spreading of the virus can be contained by prescribed measures and distance rules, it will not be possible in illegal underground parties, which before Christmas are growing like mold in every basement and storage room.

We are back in the time of the prohibition, in the time where the devious underground mafia controlled the whiskey trade and characters like Al Capone were ruling the cities. Prohibition is forbidden and Casinos are closed for the Christmas days. Especially in a time where lonely hearts are looking for company, if even a paid one, they are kept in solitude by our government. The result is obvious: There will be the dark underground developing a profiting business, as where there is a need, there is a way.

We are back in the time of Speakeasy, the Charleston and I would not be suprised, if the Police will raid the underground clubs soon...

In that context I have painted "Three Kings": If you refer with it to the underground kings of the prohibition or rather the biblical story is up to the opinion of the viewer...

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