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DEBUG MODE is the space in a programmers tool to look over the code and find errors (Bugs). The DEBUG MODE is required to make a program running and correct the mistakes done.

Where is the BUG?


Worldwide politicians are proposing drastic measures against a "deadly flu". Of course consulted by "experts" they implement measures against a democracy, like never before. It starts at isolating the sick from the healthy and it ends in shutting down economies, schools, retirement homes and even hospitals. We have reached a state of "idiocracy" like never before.

It cannot be a bad idea to fight a virus and it cannot be bad to prevent fellow citizens from dying with whatever measures possible! Voices against measures must in the same context be silenced and people with different opinions be "removed".



The Virus is spreading

By the virus, I do not mean the Covid-19 strain: It is the poisoned mind of the "good people" with "good intentions" killing thousands of people. The poor do not have food, as the lockdown doesn't allow them to go to the streets. Newborns die, because the hospitals only entertain Covid-19 patients and the economy comes to a halt, because we need to protect the population.


Putting a child in "quarantine" means for a family to lock it up for 2 weeks alone in a room and only provide food. This is torture!


Arresting a citizen on the street, with a sign "freedom" around his neck, because he is not wearing a mask, is against the basic foundation of our assembly rights.


Firing a teacher from her job, because she is refusing to wear a mask for medical reasons is not human.





I started painting to feel better about myself and to express beauty. Something else to take care of, to discuss and to focus on. Join me to talk about my ART and tell me what you see in my paintings.

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